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Be a Thriver! Meet with AVANT

at Channel Partners Evolution
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA
October 9th-12

During times of seismic shifts in the channel, many partners have survived, but not all have thrived.  To be a Thriver requires insights, tools, and resources.  It’s not too late for those that haven’t made the transition.  This year at Channel Partners, we’re all about making you a Thriver too!

Special Forces Training is Invading Philadelphia

We're holding our next-level sales and technical training for elite partners at the Channel Partners Evolution show and you can join us!

October 9th, 12-8 PM

VIP Session

Selling Today’s Hottest IT Solutions

Join Drew Lydecker and a panel of special guests to learn how to truly differentiate yourself and thrive in the age of the trusted advisor!

October 10th, 2:30-3:45 PM

Celebrate with the Thrivers!

The year is 2018.  The worlds of telecom and IT have crashed together and disrupted the status quo in the channel.  In a world where partnerships mean everything, the strong have survived but only the nimble and prepared have thrived.  Come raise a glass to the Thrivers at AVANT’s evening event at Mad Rex!

October 11th, 9:30-12:30 PM

AVANT Cornhole Championship Tournament

Find a teammate and register here to join us at the Field House. Play or watch, just be there!

October 10th, 2018 8-11:30 PM

AVANT Lounge

The AVANT Lounge is back and bigger than ever.  This is where the industry’s movers and shakers come to meet, refuel, and refresh.  As always we’ve got plenty of caffeine, cocktails, and calories for you but this year there’s more room to sit and talk as well.  

You can find it in Room 108A&B.