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AVANT Communications

We’re Throwing the Wildest Party in Austin.

No bull!

(Wait, we totally have a bull)

Nothing screams Austin more than a live band at an iconic open-air venue overlooking historic 6th street. You can almost smell the BBQ and taste the craft beer now, can’t you?  But wait, let’s throw in a mechanical bull just for the hell of it!

Keep it Weird in Austin with AVANT

Ride the mechanical bull to win bragging rights and tons of social media cred

Dance to the sounds of an epic live band from one of the best music scenes around

Drink enough at the open bar to forget that you can’t dance but you did anyway

On stage, Someone Like You, the band

led by the Josh Murley from Season 6 of The Voice!

Venue Information and Registration

See and be seen at:

The Blind Pig Pub
317 E. 6th St
Austin, TX

Wednesday, September 27th
9:30 PM CDT - 1 AM CDT

Get on the list today, before we hit maximum capacity (we always do)!

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Do you want our sponsors to contact you?:

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible.