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Experience Las Vegas with AVANT

We’re excited to be back in Las Vegas for the Channel Partners Spring Conference and Expo.  This year we’re bringing you even more of the top-shelf AVANT Experiences you’ve come to expect.  Keep scrolling to learn what AVANT has in store for the show or complete the form to schedule a meeting with us!

April 17-20, 2018
The Venetian & Sands Expo,
Las Vegas


Selling Today’s Hottest IT Solutions: SD WAN, Security, IaaS, Hyperscale & UCaaS

Attend our VIP Session for actionable insights to help you sell more next-gen IT solutions and be one of the first to see the game-changing results of our Cloud Channel Survey in partnership with Channel Partners and supported by Hosting, Masergy, NaviSite, and Talari. 

Visit AVANT’s VIP Session
Wednesday, April 18th 2018
2:30 - 3:45 PM
Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom L

Airport Transportation

Arrive at the Venetian or Palazzo in style with AVANT’s Luxury Transportation Experience.  We’ll meet you at the airport, grab your bags, and hand you a drink before our luxury shuttle brings you straight to your hotel.  Reserve your spot!

AVANT Lounge

AVANT’s luxury lounge experience is a place for Channel Partners Conference and Expo attendees to meet, recharge, relax, and mingle over cocktails.  It’s bigger and better than ever in 2018!  

AVANT Lounge
Room I Palazzo Ballroom
On the 5th floor
Next to the main keynote room
Open 8 AM - 6 PM

Make a Splash in Vegas

Party Poolside with AVANT at Tao Beach

Don't worry if someone in the pool splashes water in your drink, there’s plenty more. It’s AVANT's Pool Party at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo in Las Vegas hosted at Tao Beach, and it’s going to be awesome.  Come for the open bar, appetizers, and live band Someone Like You.  Stay for the hot tub, cabanas, and surprise entertainment!  Join us:

Tao Beach
Thursday, April 19th at 9:30 PM

Register for Beer Pong!

Put your skills to the test with our Channel Partners Beer Pong Tournament!  Individuals, teams, and spectators are welcome. If you don't drink don't worry, we've got non-alcoholic Pong too. 

AVANT is Everywhere at Channel Partners

There are a number of opportunitites to meet with our team, engage with us, and gain the valuable sales and channel insights that come to Channel Partners to learn.  But all work and no play makes Channel Partners a dull event, so we've been busy planning the unique, fun, and practical top-shelf experiences that you've come to expect from AVANT at Channel Partners.  Here are some of the things on the lighter side that we have planned for the show. 

Virtual Reality Dome

Over 1000 people got a taste of the amazing, immersive world of VR at the AVANT Virtual Reality Experience during Channel Partners Evolution.  It’s back at Channel Partners 2018!


Join us for some Sun Salutations, Downward Dog, and Warrior 2 on Wednesday morning at the AVANT lounge.  Our resident yogis will lead you on a journey to mindfulness and health. 

Barista Bar

The worst part of the morning at Channel Partners shows, aside from the hangover, is the line at the nearby coffee shops.  Start your day off right at the AVANT Lounge for fast coffee service!

Cocktail Hour

You don’t have to scrounge for drink tickets on the expo floor if you want to start your evening off with a drink.  Join us for cocktail hour at the AVANT Lounge, courtesy of our sponsors!