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AVANT Communications

We're Getting Ready to Take Over Austin, TX

at Channel Partners Evolution
September 25th - 28th

The Countdown Begins!

The Spring 2017 Channel Partners Conference and Expo is barely over and planning for the Channel Partners Evolution has already begun.  AVANT's commitment to the channel continues with another big presence, this time at the fall show in Austin, Texas.  The summer is long but fall will come fast!  Make your Channel Partners Evolution plans today!

Meet the Leader in Channel Sales Enablement at Channel Partners Evolution in Austin, Texas

After a hugely successful Spring 2017 Channel Partners Conference and Expo, AVANT is right back at it planning another big presence at the next Channel Partners event. Hundreds of partners engaged with AVANT to learn about our Channel Sales Enablement Program for next-gen IT solutions at the spring show, and we've got new technology features, vendor relationships, joint marketing activities, and trainings on the roadmap for fall!  Nobody does Channel Partners events like AVANT:

  • Legendary AVANT parties
  • Keynote Participation
  • VIP Events
  • AVANT Luxury lounge
  • So much more!

Complete the form to request a meeting or find out more about AVANT at Channel Partners Evolution in Austin.

Don’t wait for Channel Partners Evolution to enable your sales of the next generation IT solutions that are in demand. 

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